Chapter I: pre-1999
There's Mercury In Vaccines?
Chapter II: 1999-2000
Chapter III: 2001
IOM: Biologically Plausible
Chapter IV: 2001-2002
CDC World Travel
Chapter V: 2003
It's Rotten In Denmark
Chapter VI: 2004
IOM slams the door (quickly)
Epilogue: present day
Better science, better kids, and a DJ
"He tells me that he's got twins, and one of the twins got sick. The doctor says, well, we've got to give him a vaccination. They give him the vaccination while the kid is sick, and within days, this kid starts changing and showing symptoms. Low and behold, these are identical twins, same DNA, same, the whole deal, same egg. And that child who was vaccinated has autism today. And this family is struggling with it. And they believe, they believe as deeply as they can, it's the thimerosal that caused this reaction. This is -- you find this all over the country. You and Deidre have been terrific on this issue. And yet, we still have mercury in vaccinations around the country. It's absurd. I don't get it." - Senator John Kerry (D-MA), Imus in the Morning, March 7, 2006
The vaccine-autism debate is hotter than ever and shows no signs of abatement. We should know, we are parents of autistic children and the ultimate determination of autism's cause is more important to us than anyone. The more we know about cause, the more we know about how to treat our children and reverse the symptoms of autism.
You will often see references in the press to the "proof" that there is no correlation between vaccines and autism and between a vaccine preservative made of mercury called Thimerosal and autism. Doctors will often recite this "proof" to their patients and health authorities are quick to reference this "proof" whenever pressed. For all those people who are certain there is "proof," please read this website and read the words of the people who created this "proof" and decide for yourself.
This website is ultimately about how science is administered, how peer-reviewed studies are organized, and how our federal health system really works. Without the details, it's hard to appreciate the outrage many parents have for how the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has engineered a process to produce an outcome.
Also, it's critical to understand the distinction between epidemiological science and biological science. Epidemiology is a backward-looking statistical science that measures relationships between events, like the relationship between the number of mercury-containing vaccines received and the number of autism diagnoses. Any epidemiological study requires hundreds of assumptions, and it's therefore notoriously susceptible to manipulation. Biological science is different, and tends to produce more concrete evidence. Monkeys are injected with Thimerosal, and mercury brain levels are measured. Autistic children are compared to neurotypical children for the amount of mercury in their bodies and brains. Cells are injected with Thimerosal, and the impact on immune system modulators is analyzed.
The CDC has relied exclusively on epidemiology to create their "proof" that vaccines don't cause autism. And, they have not allowed anyone else to look at their data, despite their obligation to do just that. In the meantime, parents have dug deep into their pockets to sponsor biological science, and the results, as you will read, are stunning.
It's hard to put into words what's at stake here. We believe a generation of children have been unnecessarily poisoned. Million of lives and families have been ruined, and we continue to poison children with mercury all over the world, including here in the U.S. There are billions at stake. The liability is enormous to vaccine manufacturers. If we're right, there is jail time for the people involved.
To make matters more absurd, despite recommending the removal of Thimerosal (mercury) from vaccines in 1999, the CDC today has added the flu shot to the recommended vaccine schedule for infants, pregnant women, and young children annually. The majority of flu shots are loaded with mercury, and this poison is creeping back into our kids at disturbing levels. The CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics are actually fighting state bans of Thimerosal, how can this be happening?
The CDC is in charge of administering our vaccine program. They are also responsible for vaccine safety. To expect the CDC to stand up and say, "this was our fault, this should have never happened" is asking a lot, it would probably represent the greatest case of self-incrimination in the history of mankind. They won't come clean without a fight.
The longer the CDC stalls, denies, and obfuscates, the longer it will take to focus the scientific community on treatment for our children. By denying the actual cause, government funds are not available to optimize treatment. This is the ultimate tragedy - these children could be getting so much better if treated properly, if the truth were to prevail. Our health authorities are spending all their time and energy defending vaccines and the poor decisions they made when we should all be asking and trying to solve the much more important question, "Why are so many of our children sick?"
In the meantime, many parents have stopped looking to our health authorities to help their children. Working with more than 400 courageous Doctors all over the country, they are following the Defeat Autism Now! Protocol to treat their children biomedically and seeing great results, with thousands of children fully recovered. The #1 treatment according to a parent survey? Chelation therapy to remove heavy metals, particularly mercury, from their children's bodies. Learn more at www.generationrescue.org.
We need objective journalists and our elected representatives to lend a hand now. Autism is a national emergency and a national shame.
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